wardrobe editing

This is always the first step that is taken with each client, as this is sometimes the most crucial step! It is a great way to really get to know you and understand what types of clothing you tend to gravitate towards. A thorough editing process allows a cleansing of your closet, eliminating items that are outdated, worn, don't fit, etc.


Based on your wardrobe edit, this is the time to fill in the gaps and bring in new pieces. There are a few options as to how your shopping experience can happen:

Pre Shop : This is the most common form of shopping between a stylist and a client. This just means that all of the clothing and stores are picked out before you come to shop. This saves you time and also allows for a more directed shopping experience.

Memos : If you don't want to leave the comfort of your home, the clothing can come to you. This also allows us time to view the potentials within your current wardrobe and see how they will/can work together.

Shopping is always an on-going process. Depending on your lifestyle and your needs that will determine how often this service is needed.

look book

You will receive "look books" documenting your current wardrobe in optimal looks for all occasions and defined by category. Having exceptional looks lined up for every category, makes getting dressed easier and more enjoyable, whether you are getting dressed for everyday, an event, or packing for a trip.


At the end of the editing process, your closet will be fully organized and merchandised in a way that will allow you to conveniently "shop your closet."

This is also an option for clients that are moving. I take care of setting up your future closet, with proper storage and organization.


If you are interested in having me style a shoot or write for an article, please contact me for further information.